The #1 Consent Management Platform for marketers

Marketing data is essential for your business. But so is compliance. Cookie Information’s CMP makes it easy to collect valid user consent on your website. Enable your data collection while ensuring compliance with privacy laws.

Google Consent Mode v2
EU user consent policy
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Join more than 5,000 organizations that successfully balance user privacy with marketing insights
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Consent Management Platform

Collect valid consents and build trust with your customers

Cookie Banner for Websites

Inform your visitors of cookies and your data collection practices with a compliant cookie banner and an always-up-to-date cookie policy for your website.

Consent Banner for Mobile Apps

Give your app users transparency and control over what data is collected about them – for SDKs, newsletters, age restrictions, terms of service and much more.

Aligned with the priorities of all relevant team members


Do more with the data you collect

Analyze, connect and activate your data with solutions for the entire data lifecycle
Consent-based data collection with the CMP
Get a complete view of the customer journey with the Analytics Platform
Provide personalized customer experiences and effective marketing with Customer Data Activation
Collect and analyze your data with
Request and store user consents with
the Consent Management Platform
Segment and activate your data with
the Customer Data Platform

Understand the full customer journey with complete and accurate data

Improve data quality and make informed business decisions based on the data you collect.
No data sampling by default makes your measurements accurate and reliable. Data anonymization helps you reduce blind spots when users opt out of data processing. Get the valuable insights you need in order to optimize your content and marketing campaigns, improve user flow on your website, and spend your budget effectively.
Customer Data Platform

Segment data into audiences and run effective campaigns across channels

Deliver personalized experiences to the right audience, at the right time.
Connect first-party data from all your online and offline resources. Create single-customer profiles and segment them into custom audiences. Integrate and activate audiences to deliver personalized ads, campaigns, and more.

Hear what our customers say about us

Cookie Information

Fast, easy, and great support

The self-help section is excellent. Since my company is small and we don't have the resources to outsource, the do-it-yourself approach was what I had to do. The guides were super easy and I could set everything up nicely.

Customer service quickly answers and checks if you have done a good job.

- Leva S.
Cookie Information

Very professional setup, easy to organize, and great customer service

Their platform makes it easy to organize our cookie banner and cookie settings for our website and if service is needed, Cookie Information will help us out immediately

- Jakob S.
Cookie Information

Very useful and easy to work with

Cookie Information is quite easy to set up and gets you running with a very easy learning curve. We implemented it on 10 webshops without any major issues.

Gets you compliant without using major efforts to research various designs.

- Sebastian V.
Cookie Information

Making cookies easy for all of us

With Cookie Information, I feel like we've got a trustworthy guide on our side. It’s nice knowing they have our back, helping ensure our brand and website are in safe hands.

I've always found tech stuff a bit challenging, but I was surprised at how smoothly things went with Cookie Information.

- Sandra A.
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Respect user privacy without compromising your marketing goals.

Compliant data collection starts with a CMP.