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At Cookie Information, we help you build trust in your brand with innovative privacy and compliance solutions. 







Our story

We know our digital lives are changing. And yet, whether it’s data protection law, our own personal data or organizational data policy, we know we should care about data protection, but few of us know how to.
When it comes to protecting data, it’s easy to guide users through the motions and invite them to click “accept” or “reject” without knowing what they’re agreeing to – or worse – if their data isn’t being used in the way they intended.
We believe you and your customers deserve better. We know protecting your organization, websites and apps adds value beyond just avoiding penalty charges.
Today, Cookie Information is the software solution with the second highest traffic in Denmark only surpassed by Google. The solution was used 55 billion times last year.

In April 2022, Danish investment fund, Kirk Kapital, recently invested in Cookie Information to support the growth of the company and the development of new privacy solutions.

Cookie Information is now a global privacy provider with an expanded portfolio of solutions. It also includes an AI-driven Privacy & Compliance Suite that protects the digital world of organizations.

Welcome to Cookie Information – we hope you’ll join us either as a partner, client or colleague.

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Founders of Cookie Information

Our culture

We care about individuals’ rights. And we care about people.
We are a diverse and growing team with over 20 nationalities, working out of the office in Copenhagen, Denmark and remotely across Europe.
Everyday we work together to create an inclusive workplace, where everyone feels valued and respected – a place where differences are celebrated and every human can be themselves. We believe this to be a fundamental part of supporting each other in reaching our potential and achieving our collective goal to create positive change.

We promote fair treatment, equal access to opportunity and a focus on innovation, creativity, collaboration and a global thought leadership we’re very proud of. We strive to create a stress-free work environment and we are constantly developing our benefits programs to ensure our people feel supported to live a healthy and happy life. Both inside and outside of work.

Our Mission

At Cookie Information, we build future-led products that enable compliance regulation in order to achieve digital transparency, accountability and security. Whether our client is a business, a charity or government organization, we bring innovation, global expertise, social responsibility and heart-felt optimism to protect their digital world. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a responsible company goes beyond providing high-quality services and being there when our customers need us. It also means giving something back to society, treating our employees well, fighting for inclusion and diversity, and caring for our environment.

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