About Cookie Information

Compliance is a must, compromising your targets is not. We help organizations succeed in a privacy-first world.

Our story

In 2011, Karsten Rendemann founded the one-person consultancy firm that would later become Cookie Information. Initially, the firm relied on external tech solutions for various services.
Fast forward to 2017, a news article about the impending GDPR caught Karsten’s attention. As a former marketing executive, he recognized the challenge organizations would face in a privacy-first world:
Balancing regulatory compliance demands with their business interests.
Karsten wanted to help organizations in this balancing act, and empower them to protect individuals’ digital rights. A few months later, he initiated the development of the Cookie Information Consent Management Platform (CMP).
Today, Cookie Information is the software solution with the second most traffic in Denmark, only surpassed by Google.
Today, Cookie Information is the software solution with the second most traffic in Denmark, only surpassed by Google.
Cookie Information has since become one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies globally, doubling its customer base yearly.
In April 2022, the Danish Family Office Kirk Kapital purchased 40% of Cookie Information. In 2023, Cookie Information acquired Piwik PRO, starting a new chapter of privacy-centric digital marketing.
Cookie Information culture

Our culture

The heart of Cookie Information is our people. We put people first and do our best to recognize, appreciate and respect the diversity of our employees. We are a growing team from many backgrounds, working out of the offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Wrocław, Poland – as well as remotely across the world.
Openness, collaboration, and participation are core aspects of our culture. We aim to support a workplace where all people should feel safe to participate, introduce new ideas and inspire others.
We promote fair treatment, equal access to opportunity and a focus on innovation, and creativity. We are constantly developing our benefits programs to ensure our people feel supported to live a healthy and happy life. Both inside and outside of work.

The Board

Comprised of seasoned professionals, our Board guides the strategic direction, ensuring we stay at the forefront of our field.
Göran Lindö
Board Chair |
Andreas Færk
Board Member |
Karsten Rendemann
Board Member |
Jonas Voldbjerg Andersen
Board Member |
Kamran Jamshidi
Board Member |
Tobias Faber
Board Observer |
Maciej Zawadziński
Board Observer |
Michael Aukland-Kjeldbjerg
Board Secretary |

Our mission

Providing clients with future-led products that enable compliance, digital transparency, and security. Whether our client is a business, a charity or government organization, we bring innovation, global expertise, social responsibility and heart-felt optimism to help them succeed.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a responsible company goes beyond providing high-quality services and being there when our customers need us. It also means giving something back to society, treating our employees well, fighting for inclusion and diversity, and caring for our environment.