Sheltr Data Subject Request

Respond to access & erasure requests fast and cost-efficiently

Organize all your access & erasure requests in one place. Sheltr Data Subject Request notifies you of incoming requests and automatically finds requested data, reducing manual work and ensuring you never exceed the 1-month response deadline.

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Centralizes your request intake and notifies you of new ones

Increases efficiency by finding requested data automatically 

Reduces cost and allows you to reliably meet the deadline


All data subject requests collected in one single platform

Never worry about a data subject request disappearing in your inbox or a colleague’s spam folder. All requests are submitted through a form on your website and collected in one single platform. You get notified right away, so you don’t miss valuable time. Easy to monitor, easy to manage.

Automatically finds data relevant to the request

Never again spend hours looking through files and folders for requested data. Data Subject Request finds the data across your systems and files, so you can get an easy overview and act quickly. Respond to any request within the 1-month deadline.


Easily integrates with your systems and platforms

Data Subject Request easily integrates with the systems and platforms you use. One-click connects to most data sources. It works out-of-the-box with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and many more. And if we don’t have the integration already, we can build it for you. Set up your organization to handle multiple requests a month without compromising internal resources and daily operations.


One-click connect to data sources

Easily share list of data with data subject

Automated system audits, request inflow, and notifications

Data Subject Request form for your website

Keyword search and Targeted Discovery for personal data

ISO certified server located in EU/EEA

Fulfill access & erasure requests reliably and comply with privacy laws.