ESG Report

ESG Report

Our first ESG Report represents an introduction to our thinking on the environmental-, social-, and governance-related indicators that reflect Cookie Information’s performance and help measure our impact in the world.

We present the information we already have available and lay out commitments around what we will disclose and track in our next report.

We believe that being a responsible company goes beyond providing high-quality services and being there when our customers need us. It also means giving something back to society, treating our employees well, fighting for inclusion and diversity, and caring for our environment.

Especially given our goals, we understand the importance of tracking and reporting on our impact on the world. This first ESG Report aims to set our intentions and share already, where possible, our progress in key areas.

We know that we are on a learning journey and aim to further develop our data collection and reporting processes. This will enable us to include more relevant and accurate information in future iterations of this report.

If you have feedback or questions about the report, please contact