Increase trust, foster inclusivity and comply with whistleblowing laws

Whistleblowing gives your organization a privacy-centric reporting channel, where employees, partners and clients can anonymously disclose incidents and suspicions of violations or misconduct.

Ensures your compliance with the EU Whistleblower Directive and national legislation

Guarantees anonymity for whistleblowers and allows them to speak up safely

Enjoy the convenience of a ready-to-go setup or customize the solution to your needs


Comply with whistleblowing laws and know when issues need resolving

Ensure compliance with whistleblowing laws and centralize your incident reporting & case management. Automatic case development updates and deadline reminders ensure transparency and timely action. Whistleblowing identifies trends in reports helping you address any recurring issues. All reports, actions, and outcomes are automatically logged. This gives you a clear and auditable record for future reference.

Protect whistleblowers through anonymous reporting

Whistleblowing is one of the most privacy-centric reporting channels on the market. No tracking, cookies, or monitoring. End-to-end encryption, data masking, and more guarantee the anonymity of whistleblowers. Language and accessibility support ensure anyone is able to voice their concerns – regardless of disabilities or language barriers. Encourage speaking up and improve your ability to cultivate a healthy workplace.


Ready-to-go setup or customize to your needs

Whistleblowing requires no technical expertise to set up. Simply generate your unique URL and you will be ready in minutes. Customization options ensure the right setup for your organization. Manage cases internally or  partner with third parties for external reporting. Use Whistleblowing out-of-the-box or tailor the design to fit your brand.

Join +5000 organizations that use Cookie Information to protect user privacy and ensure their compliance


A dashboard gives you easy overview of cases, their progression and trends in reports

Automatic notifications for case managers ensure you never miss a deadline

Custom access and permission control for external case management

Language & accessibility support ensures usability for anyone

Encryption, data masking, zero tracking and more

Auditable log for documentation purposes

Cultivate a healthy workplace and comply with whistleblowing laws. Request a demo of Whistleblowing today.

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